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Hairtelligence is Now Parfait

New Name, New LookAs we prepared to launch Hairtelligence, we went on a reflective brand journey to understand what mattered most to our company, and who we wanted to be to our community....

Parfait logo over image of smiling woman with blonde Parfait wig

Hairtelligence Is Now Parfait

Why Parfait

As we prepared to launch Hairtelligence, we went on a reflective brand journey to understand what mattered most to our company, and who we wanted to be to our community.

This led to choosing a name and visual aesthetic that illuminated our depth, sophistication, and celebrated the individuality of the customers we serve.

We recognized that there were many layers to who we are as women, how our customers experience our technology and the reasons we all wear wigs. A layered approach was key to solving the issues with the one-size-fits-all standard that the market currently offers.

So, we doubled down on personalization- there is no strict recipe on what goes into a parfait, the amount of each ingredient, or who can enjoy them.  

Parfait empowers choice.

The Faces of Wig Wearers

Our April launch will begin with our Faces Campaign, highlighting the vast variations of why women wear wigs to destigmatize constructs surrounding styles. We are uniting women across generations from all walks of life and of different shapes, shades, and sizes to highlight their personal experiences with their hair. 

Throughout the campaign, you will hear from real women, telling real stories that some may have never shared before now. We’re hoping to inspire other women to feel comfortable in whatever hairstyle they choose, whether it be a natural or more trendy look. 

As we say goodbye to Hairtelligence, we say hello to Parfait - the perfect layered, personalized experience powered by AI