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    From Ordinary To Extraordinary: Make 613 Wigs Your Go-To Wigs

    IntroductionPC: Pinterest 613 wigs are a fun way to experiment with color without making your natural hair go through the entire process of dyeing and bleaching your hair. They are...

    From Ordinary To Extraordinary: Make 613 Wigs Your Go-To Wigs
    IntroductionPC: Pinterest

    613 wigs are a fun way to experiment with color without making your natural hair go through the entire process of dyeing and bleaching your hair. They are the preferred wig color of most women of color. You can wear them in so many different styles and change up your look entirely with them. 

    Black women love to experiment with their hairstyle, be it changing their texture, color or the length of their hair. There are many hair color options when it comes to choosing the perfect hair color because any different color that they try looks exquisite with their skin tone.

    Let's see in this blog why 613 hair colors are not only restricted to caucasian women, and women of color can very well carry it off with panache and grace. You will feel exotic and out of this world, slaying this hair color. Learn all about the different styles that you can carry with 613 hair colors and the best possible ways that you can care for them.

    What Is A 613 Hair Wig?

    A 613 hair wig refers to a wig made from hair that has been dyed or bleached to achieve a light blonde color, often resembling the shade labeled as #613 in the hair color chart. The number 613 typically denotes a very light, almost platinum blonde hue. Wigs made from 613 hair are popular for their versatility, allowing wearers to experiment with different styles and colors.

    These wigs are an excellent choice for those who want to achieve a blonde look without the commitment of permanently dyeing their natural hair. Additionally, the light color provides a great base for further customization, allowing individuals to add highlights and lowlights or experiment with various shades to achieve their desired hairstyle. 613 wigs are known for their bright and eye-catching appearance, making them a popular choice for those who want a bold and glamorous look.

    How To Choose The Right 613 Hair Wig?

    613 wigs come in various shades.

    When choosing the right 613 wig, consider factors such as quality, style, and personal preferences. Begin by ensuring the wig is made from high-quality materials to guarantee a natural look and comfortable wear. Look for wigs crafted from real human hair for authenticity.

    Style is key – decide on the length, texture, and cut that complements your face shape and overall aesthetic. Whether you prefer straight, wavy, or curly, choose a style that aligns with your fashion goals. Pay attention to the wig's construction and cap design for a secure and comfortable fit.

    Personal preferences matter, so opt for a shade of 613 that suits your skin tone and desired level of blonde intensity. Consider the wig's maintenance requirements – some may need more care than others. You can confidently select the perfect 613 wig to elevate your look by prioritizing quality, style, and personal preferences.

    How To Style 613 Wig For Different Occassions?

    Styling 613 wig for different occasions is an excellent choice. It gives you the freedom to paly around with different textures and shades that will suit your style and the occasion at hand to make you stand apart and let your hair do all the talking. Here are some tips on how yo ucan style your 613 wig for different occasions.

    Casual: For a laid-back vibe, pair your 613 blonde wig with jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. Enhance the relaxed feel with a messy bun or a stylish ponytail.

    Formal: Elevate your 613 blonde wig for formal events by pairing it with a sophisticated black dress or a chic pantsuit. Add a touch of glamour with sparkling diamond earrings or a statement necklace.

    Party: To make a statement at a party, style your 613 blonde wig with a vibrant and colorful dress or top. Experiment with fun accessories like a headband or clip-on earrings to enhance the festive vibe.

    Explore these styling options and shop now at MyParfait for a variety of blonde wigs. These are just a few ideas; let your creativity flow and experiment to discover the perfect style that suits your unique personality and fashion preferences.

    Top 3 Hairstyles With 613 Hair Wig

    You can jump on the fashion bandwagon and try different hairstyles with your 613 hair wig and keep all eyes hooked on you. 613 hair wigs are so versatile and suit the black women so much, we don't see them going out of style anytime soon. Let’s check out some of the hairstyles you can make with them.

    Blunt Bob

    Embrace a classic and timeless look with a blunt bob. This sleek and straight style complements the brightness of the 613 hair, creating a sophisticated and modern appearance.

    Create this look with our NO. 13 HD LACE WIG that comes in 5X5 HD LACE CLOSURE with 10" of length  and in Blonde Balayage

    Long Waves

    Opt for long, flowing waves for an effortlessly glamorous look. These voluminous waves can add a touch of elegance and drama to your overall style. 

    Create a flowy wavy look easily with our DARK BLONDE BALAYAGE HD LACE WIG. Since they are made from 100% human hair you can easily heat style them and create stunning waves with them.

    Sleek Straight

    Straight, sleek and out-of-ordinary

    The radiant blonde hue of the 613 wigs effortlessly combines with the smooth, polished strands, creating a modern and sophisticated look that exudes confidence and elegance.

    The straight look is effortlessly modern and chic and goes well with all outfits and various occasions.

    Try this look with PLATINUM BLONDE HD LACE WIG IN 14". The wig is constructed with a ventilated and breathable cap that takes care of your scalp and hair underneath.

    Caring For Your 613 Hair Wig

    If you have a pair or two of 613 hair wigs you must know how to care for them correctly. It is essential that you maintain their quality and keep the vibrancy of the platinum blonde color intact. Here are some tips that will help you in doing so.

    • Gentle Washing:

    Wash the wig with a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Use cool water to prevent color fading, and be gentle when massaging the products into the hair.

    • Avoid Hot Water:

    Steer clear of hot water when washing your 613 wig, as it can strip the hair of its natural oils and contribute to color fading. Stick to lukewarm or cool water for washing and rinsing.

    • Use a Wide-Tooth Comb:

    Detangle the wig starting from the tips and working your way up to the roots, using a wide-tooth comb. This helps prevent breakage and maintains the integrity of the hair.

    • Heat Protectant:

    If using heat styling tools, always apply a heat protectant to the hair. This helps minimize damage and preserves the smooth texture of the 613 wig.

    • Limit Heat Styling:

    While 613 hair wigs can withstand heat styling, it's advisable to limit the use of hot tools to prevent potential damage. Opt for heat-free styling methods whenever possible.

    • Storage:

    When not in use, store your 613 wig on a wig stand or in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can lead to color fading.


    You can play around with 613 hair wigs the way you want to and will still end up looking fabulous and exotic! It gives your personality a different charm and elegance that you will not mind the gaze following you around.

    So get ready to feel like a queen and experiment with the shades and styles MyParfait offers in the 613 hair wig section.