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    5 Times Zendaya Gave Stunning Hair Goals in 2023

    Thank you 2023, for good memories, great lessons and amazing fashion and hairstyle inspo. The 2023 Fashion Week was fantastic, Hollywood appearances were awesome, and Zendaya, being the hairstyle and...

    5 Times Zendaya Gave Stunning Hair Goals in 2023

    Thank you 2023, for good memories, great lessons and amazing fashion and hairstyle inspo. The 2023 Fashion Week was fantastic, Hollywood appearances were awesome, and Zendaya, being the hairstyle and fashion icon, always gave some jaw-dropping looks this year, which are going to set the trend for 2024.

    So, let's quickly recap these gorgeous appearances where her clothes and hair were actual goals.

    Soft Low Bun

    Zendaya cannot only rock modern looks, but she was equally fashionable and mesmerizing when she attended an event in India. Yes, the culturally rich country hosted a cultural event where she appeared in a graceful saree (traditional Indian attire) designed by the famous Rahul Mishra and looked like a beautiful peacock.

    The look was elegant and bright because of the dark colors and gold of her attire. She balanced it well with her soft, low bun. The very effortlessly made low bun with a middle part complemented her look at accessories well. The good part about this hairstyle was that it was so Minimalist that it let her dress and face shine the most but still complimented the whole vibe well.

    DIY Recipe

    • Take My Parfait No.3 HD lace wig and use dry shampoo on it before styling.
    • Once the hair looks fresh and airy, put the hair into the middle partition
    • Then, with the help of bobby pins or scrunchie, swirl the hair at the back and tuck them in a soft bun.
    • Secure the bun with bobby pins if further required
    • Pull hair from the front with a finger gently to have soft flicks brushing your cheeks 

    Afro Subtle Blow Out

    At Paris Fashion Week this 2023, the models were not the only thing to get inspired. Zendaya Louis Vuitton's sequin band suit set came with softly blown and crimped wavy hair, which gave her low-key African princess vibes.

    As her outfit was very glittery and structured, her very long hair in fashion amplified her by making it fiercer.

    DIY Recipe

    • Take My Parfait Holiday Collection Wavy Chestnut Brown Highlights
    • Spray heat protectant spray on the hair strand well.
    • Then crimp them till the tips.
    • Use your finger to brush them so that the hair gets fluffed up
    • Let your hair rest for 30 minutes to come in it's desired shape

    Shiny Tight Bun

    Keeping it sharp and feminine with her shiny, well-tied hair bun at Bulgari went with her black gown, exhibiting strong femininity around her on the carpet. The bodycon long gown, which showed her curves, gave her good feminine touch and the dark eyeshadow with shiny black bun provided fire to her look. It's a very good hairstyle to do in events where you want to look chic yet powerful.

    DIY Recipe

    • Use My Parfait No.2 HD Lace Wig.
    • Do the side partition from the eyebrow edge angle for a clean and tidy divide.
    • Use water wave comb to create hair waves at the parted side
    • Now take all the hair in the back, and coil them tightly in a circular motion to make a bun
    • Secure it with the bobby pins if required
    • Use some hair wax or gel for a slick look
    • Mascara wand to tame the baby hair and finish the look

    Modern Merlyn

    Knowingly or unknowingly, Zendaya gave tribute to Marilyn Monroe when she appeared in cinema con with wavy hair lob that resembled a lot like Marilyn Monroe's iconic hairstyle. Since Zendaya took a modern take on it, her hair was slightly less wavy and curled out, and she paired it with a gorgeous Versace leather gown. On one side, the heavy, wavy pattern gave symmetry to the look and looked fancy.

    DIY Recipe

    • Buy Platinum French lobe from holiday collection of My Parfait Wigs
    • And that's it!
    • To create the exact look of Zendaya, you can call her this week in shades of warm, copper, and gold. (as they are made of hundred percent natural human hair, coloring them is safe)

    Sharp Straight

    Another look of Zendaya from Paris Fashion Week where she wore Louis Vuitton zip dress, which was very sleek and straight in the look. To match the dress's silhouette, she carried the kinky straight hair texture with her, which made the look very clean and pristine. Her makeup and accessories were very minimalistic so that all that attention could go to the sharpness of her dress and hair.

    DIY Recipe

    • Wear Very Kinky Straight V part wigs by My Parfait
    • With the help of a rat tail comb do, the clean, middle partition
    • Now use heat protectant spray over your extensions
    • After that, use hair straightener from up to down motion to have crisp, kinky, hair texture


    Well, these were a few of the many looks that Zendaya carried in 2023 and definitely gave us some good hairstyle ideas to do in 2024 because her looks are always relatable and timeless. If you struggle with the length and volume of your hair to create these looks, you can always get natural-looking, easy to style and heat-friendly wigs from My Parfait. So, in 2024, let's follow the fashion icon and feel the euphoria when we hear the compliments.