New Year, New Styles

New Year, New Styles

  • Signature Gray No.1

    Signature Gray No.1

    Starting at $525

    Our signature gray highlighted look in a 10" bob, created with a black base and beautiful gray highlights throughout for the perfect pepper with a pinch of salt look

  • Signature Highlights No.1

    Signature Highlights No.1

    Starting at $505

    Our signature highlighted look, created with a chocolate brown base and beautiful caramel highlights throughout

  • Signature Highlights No.3

    Signature Highlights No.3

    Starting at $570

    Our signature money-piece blonde highlighted look, created with a dark brown base and beautiful highlights concentrated around the face and ends of the hair

  • Design Your Wig

    Starting at $415

Justine Skye x Parfait Signature Collection

Shop 5 signature Justine Skye selected looks to match your vibe through space & time

  • No. 14

    No. 14

    Starting at $605

    Justine's Signature Look, A Very Straight, Dark Root with Purple hues in 14 inches. She's bringing purple back with this natural, yet funky twist on the classic ombre color technique. Available in HD Closures & HD Frontals.

  • No. 15

    No. 15

    Starting at $1,160

    Justine loves her Very Straight, Jet Black, which features 30 inches of luxe hair. The perfect mix of fullness for a natural glam look. Available in HD Closures.

  • No. 16

    No. 16

    Starting at $600

    Justine is stunning in this Very Straight Blonde bob of 14 inches, blunt cut and waved lightly. Available in HD Closures & HD Frontals. 

  • No. 17

    No. 17

    Starting at $1,140

    Justine loves her Very Wavy, Rooted Chocolate Brown Wig, which features 30 inches of luscious hair. Available in HD Closures.

  • No. 18

    No. 18

    Starting at $525

    Justine in a classic look, Very Straight, Jet Black perfectly cut shoulder length bob in 12 inches. Available in HD Closures & HD Frontals. 

  • Design Your Wig

    Starting at $415

Model wearing wavy auburn Parfait wig looking at the camera

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